The Carlier Group is part of a research team from Virginia Tech Center for Drug Discovery that has received a $431,126 two-year grant from the National Institutes of Health to refine a Malaria drug.

Organic, Bioorganic, & Medicinal Chemistry

We are firmly convinced that synthetic organic chemistry is not only a critical enabling technology for medicine and public health, but also a field worthy of continued, energetic, and creative investigation. Research in the Carlier Group is therefore directed in both directions.

Enantioselective synthesis of drug-like molecules via axially chiral enolates

On the synthetic side, our interest in axially chiral enolates has led us to study the enantioselective ring-contraction which can be viewed on page two of the  research summary. These enantiopure quinolone derivatives may prove to be a useful new scaffold for medicinal chemistry.


May 2021

Richmond, VA



Carlier Group Meetings
Blacksburg, VA

The Malaria Problem

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